Books for Class XI and XII PCM

My evergreen recommendations for science books in Class XI and XII are NCERT books which you can download from their site for free, or buy from a nearby bookstore. Not everyone believes in this recommendation though – for some these books are too brief and cryptic.

Here are some of the books that I used when I was a student almost 30 years ago, and I find that they are still the favorites!

Fundamentals of Physics, by Resnick, Halliday

A remarkable book, and if you have to choose only one book to study from, this is the one. When I studied (1990-91), it was a thin book, now it weighs more than 5Kgs!

Problems in General Physics, by I E Irodov

A great collection of really tough physics questions. You can also find solutions book for this, which can be a good companion book. When I was studying, this book was a craze, and people who used to regularly quote from this book a question they had solved, were considered genius!

Plane Trigonometry, by S.L.Loney

Coordinate Geomtry, by S.L. Loni

Algebra, Hall & Night

Mechanics and Probability, by Bostock and Chandler

Advanced Organic Chemistry, by Bahl and Bahl

Recommendations from a friend

A problem book in mathematical analysis, by G N Berman

Problems in Mathematics: with hints and solution, by Govorov

Science For Everyone: Aptitude Test: Problems In Physics


University Chemistry, by Bruce H Mahan

Organic Chemistry, by Morrison and Boyd

Concise Inorganic Chemistry, by J D Lee

Concepts of Physics – Part 1 and 2 – by H C Verma

Problems in Calculus of One Variable, by Maron

Textbook on Integral Calculus by Gorakh Prasad

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