Tamasha – A great watch for careerists

I watched Tamasha couple of weeks back, going against my usual tendency of only watching movies with good reviews. The reason to go was very simple: one of the reviews mentioned ‘career’! As a self-proclaimed career coach, I was thrilled to find a movie touching that word, even if poorly 🙂

While I was disappointed by the opportunity wasted by the director and actors to make it an extraordinary movie (though probably it required a much more talented actors and screenplay writers), I definitely wasn’t disappointed with what I saw, I am glad I went against the reviewers.

The movie is an excellent attempt at bringing out the conflict of ‘what I want to do with my life‘ and ‘what I am expected to do with my life‘ – the ‘social pressure‘ to conform to career stereotypes, and the trick it plays on your psyche. If you ever felt trapped by your career choices, chances are you will relate to this movie.

Another high point is the music/song – excellent, and diverse set of songs which are extremely contextual. If you haven’t watched the movie, you may not like them or find them weird because of their diversity and unusual lyrics in some cases. When you watch the movie, you may find yourself humming/thinking them all the time. In my house, thanks to my daughters (and tacitly supported by me), all these songs have been playing non-stop for last 2 weeks!

A movie worth watching. It is off the theatres now, and it hardly made Rs. 100Cr, but you will do well to seek it out and watch it.


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