Let there be darkness

Humanity deserves to be punished,

It is out to prove its idiocy,

What vanity! What haughtiness!

Insensitivities rule, such pettiness,

Shallow deeds, pictures glossy,

“Humanity” is missing, without being missed.

Everyone is always ready to take offense,

Everyone is ultra sensitive,

A word uttered is a gauntlet thrown,

Every opinion bites – known or unknown,

No one dares to be inquisitive,

Nonsense is posing as the new sense.

Politics is now the religion of the land,

Leaders are the brand new Gods,

Un-questioned, all-powerful, beyond-reach,

The new sense is the sermon they preach,

Compliance is expected, debate is at odds,

Worship is worthy, criticism banned.

When intolerance becomes the dominant force,

When vanity suppresses individual freedom,

When blind faith is the new norm,

It is time for the soul to leave the form,

It is time to destroy the hollow kingdom,

Time to end the cycle, take it to the source.

Humanity deserves to die, for sure,

When politics becomes immoral, people should prevail,

But if people are complicit, there is a price to pay,

Let them kick and shout, take it all away,

There will be pain, let them wail,

Light beyond darkness! what an allure!

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