Some Random Observations about Shanghai and China

It has been a long time since I posted here, sorry about that. I have been busy in the process of settling down which has afforded me some observations which I will share over coming days. These are some of the observations I have had since we have been in Shanghai but I was trying to collect more instances, reasons or facts before presenting them to you. Some of these are based on discussions with a few of my colleagues while others are my own observations over last 2 months. Please read this more as a tidbit to be enjoyed rather than authentic cultural information. There are very good sites out there which can provide you good information about culture, has been a recent find for me which I have liked. Some of the topics I want to cover are as follows:

  1. Marriages and how they are different from India
  2. Traffic conditions
  3. Getting books in China
  4. Many chinese websites have numbers in them, is there any reason?
  5. Learning Chinese is hard if you only know English!
  6. About Chinese people


Let me know if you have questions that you would like me to address through these posts, or additional ones.

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