Most efficient way of impacting primary and secondary education in India

While discussing/thinking about e-shiksha, I also started thinking about what is the most efficient way in which someone can provide value to primary and secondary education in India. Here are some of the typical ways in which impact can be made:

  • Support some students around you, monetarily or otherwise
  • Work with an NGO
  • Start your own NGO
  • Help NGOs to be more effective

I got introduced to some sites in Seattle who do the last one: help NGOs be more efficient by provide them help with their business plans, fund-raising, campaigns etc. NGO to help NGO seems an interesting concept and organizations like and want to make a difference. Maybe this is indeed the most efficient way of helping the cause, but it still remains to be seen how much Indian NGOs are actually leveraging such organizations, and how much of Indian industry leaders are willing to chip in.

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