e-shiksha learning portal is too good, and too unused

I am getting more involved in Shiksha in general and e-shiksha in particular. Got a look at their site, thanks to the account my sister has (who is a teacher and hence she can have an account). It is indeed a very good site, but sadly, very underutilized. I guess it is a chicken-and-egg problem, since there aren’t many users, collaborative content in blogs and forums aren;t really there, hence it is not useful for users to visit them and post more. I also started talking to Mr. Narinder Bhatia who is program manager for this initiative in CII, and I agreed to act as their ambassador to get more people come to this site and use it, and many other ideas on how to improve the site usage. Overall, I was interested enough to go out and create a network site (http://shiksha.ning.com) which I plan to use as the place where interested people like me can meet and evangelize this initiative. If you wish to be part of this and help increase this awareness, please visit the site, and become a member on the site as well as on the mailing list. also, let me know what you think of this whole effort.

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