Reading and thoughts on world-class teams – I

(Reposted from my abandoned blog) 

This is a great book:

The Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High-Performance Organization
by J. R. Katzenbach, Douglas K. Smith

I have read only first couple of chapters and stories, but I am already getting a feeling that I am going to like every single word here! Basically the book talks about what takes to build a great team and the authors’ hypothesize that giving a great challenge and setting very high performance standard is a must to get a good team and then set out to show by examples and logic to prove it (there are other facets of the team they talk about but I liked these 2 the most). In general, I like to think I am good at helping teams work well and I have my own thoughts about why some teams work and others don’t, and so this reading is also going to help me in understanding and contrast their thoughts on the topic with mine.

I have at least two great experiences working with teams that were exceptional in performance, teamwork, and cohesion, however neither of the teams were associated with successful market experience, and I wonder why. Hopefully this book will help me unravel this. I hope to post some of those lessons learned from here and would be very interested in listening to what others have to say about those.

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