Living on the urban edge

Living in Greater Noida gives you an esoteric mix of experiences. If I go 2-3 kms east from my house, I reach Kasna village. It is a true blue town-village with small shops, narrow walkways and unique mix of urban and rural products for sale. I can buy vegetables 30% cheaper than Reliance Fresh. I can buy a ‘charpai’ or even ‘chai’ glasses used to serve tea in roadside tea stalls – things my nearby Spencer will be embarrassed to even talk about.

If I head north instead, I reach Grand Venice Mall, which is supposed to be “Modern India’s first mega tourist destination”, whatever it means! Continue reading “Living on the urban edge”

Strangers as Neighbors

I was surprised when my doorbell rang around midnight couple of nights ago. Good thing was that I was alone, bad thing was that I didn’t have a way to see who is behind the door (we had given up chasing the maintenance guys who were supposed to put an eyepiece on the door). Anyway, I opened the door, to find the guard of our building there.I was very surprised, he never comes up to our house.

He asked me if my TV was on. I said no, and asked him why he was asking. “One of your neighbours complained that there is loud noise coming from somewhere, so I am checking on your house,”  he said. Continue reading “Strangers as Neighbors”