Martyrs of Unfinished Urbanization, or just collateral damages?

I read with extreme shock this morning’s newspaper account of a doctor and his 5 yr. old daughter crushed to death by a speeding bus. While I am getting desensitized by constant barrage of news about accidental deaths, this was more shocking for 2 reasons:

  1. They were nowhere close to the road and still were killed by a bus.
  2. I stand with my daughter every day outside my apartment complex, my wife does the same for our younger one.

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Getting stopped for red light jumping

While driving over the weekend on the crowded NH-24 near Indira Puram area, I was following the vehicles in front rather than looking at the status of the traffic light. Apparently, on one of the crossing, light turned red while I was crossing the intersection. Promptly I was stopped by a police (he didn’t have his name badge on so I couldn’t find out his name or designation). He informed me that I had jumped the red light and asked for my papers and license. Then he informed me that he has to keep my driving license which I can collect from some Ghaziabad court where I need to go to pay for the challan for red light jumping. Continue reading “Getting stopped for red light jumping”