Buying an insurance policy – harder than it seems!

This is the story of an online term insurance plan. For those of you who don’t know, a term insurance plan is one where you pay premium every year and get paid a lump sum in case of your death (you don’t get anything back if you don’t die, so this is not a saving policy unlike most other life insurance policies). So these are much cheaper than regular life insurance. When these are bought online, you save the cost of a broker/insurance agent in between and the companies pass on the saving to you, so these policies are still cheaper. For someone like me who has drastically reduced cash inflow in the hope of a future cash flow, a term insurance plan is an important guard against the vagaries of life during this interim period.

A few months after I arrived in India last year, I applied for an HDFC Life Term Insurance plan, click2protect. I told them upfront that since I have come back from US recently, Continue reading “Buying an insurance policy – harder than it seems!”

Giving Back to Society

Full-text of the post on venturewoods about what can be the effective means of creating a non-profit which will help in solving some problems (like education) and still can sustain itself without depending too much on fund-raising and corporate sponsorship. ——————— Every once in a while, the question about giving back to the society pops up in my mind and in my friend’s circle, but we end up dropping it and continuing to do what we have been doing: earn more money. Howver, so many things have been happening around about me on this topic recently that I am inclined … Continue reading Giving Back to Society